My name is John Johnson and I am an advocate of the art of freedive photography.  I started One Breath Photo to showcase my freedive photography and bring attention to the ocean world I love.  Freediving is the practice of diving without tanks–diving on only a single breath of air.  Although I’ve been long-certified in SCUBA, I am a firm believer in the simplicity, beauty, and skill of freediving.  I was introduced to freediving by way of spearfishing.  Through spearfishing I learned to identify, understand, and appreciate the animals of the ocean and their behaviors.  In time I gave up the spear for the camera and have spent countless hours attempting to capture the beauty of the underwater world with my camera.

Hi, I’m Lisa Johnson, the other half of One Breath Photo.  My interest in photography began when I took a black and white film photography class during my last semester in college.  Unlike John, who is happy with the ocean as his second home, I have a fear of deep water and cannot swim.  I’m here to lend behind the scenes support to One Breath Photo.

We’ve been fortunate enough to have been featured in various publications over the years, both in print as well as online.  Here is just a partial list of where you may have seen our work on display or published.

London Natural History Museum

Smithsonian Institute Museum of Natural History

Nature’s Best Photography

Hawaii Skin Diver

National Geographic

Nature Conservancy of Hawaii



Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary

University of Hawaii

Hanauma Bay

Waikiki Aquarium